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Our Story

Farm Fresh Food & Family Fun

Welcome! We are the Thomas Family, and we've been farming on our land for over 100 years. The farm has seen many changes, as we transitioned out of dairy farming in 2004 into a full time flower and vegetable farm. Recently we've added beef, pork, cosmetics, and crafts to what we have available, and are always looking into adding even more variety. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, high quality products to our community. 

In 2022, we started a farm store on-site at the farm. This allows us to not only get our products into your hands at local farmers markets, but allow our customers the opportunity to really enjoy their shopping experience right here at the farm. We have seasonal events all year long at the store, including Bouquet Bars and Wreath Bars. Throughout the flower growing season we also offer availability to photographers to have photo sessions in our infamous flower labyrinth.

Our farm is run by our ever growing family. John and Brenda are the creators of Fallen Maple Farm, and have raised their family to love and nourish the land. They are always trying to make the farm better each year, and you can see them at the Hardin County Farmers Market, where they've been members for over 30 years. Zach, Angela, and their two children, Zoey and Henry, keep our freezers stocked with delicious beef and pork. Katie is the glue that keeps the farm going. She maintains the flower beds, keeps track of finances, and is the manager of everything on the farm. Amy and Andy, along with baby Theo, are always willing to step in and help out at all our events and plant fairs. Hannah, along with her husband Eric and daughters Kyra and Malia, are the marketing gurus for the farm. She handles all social media, emails, and marketing, and is always bringing new ideas to the table.

Our entire family help make Fallen Maple Farm what it is today, and we can't wait to share our love of the land with you. 

Come by and enjoy our amazing products as well as great events and activities all year long. 

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